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E-Commerce Development 

Sell More by Selling Online

As consumer shopping habits continue rapidly shifting to digital channels, building an online storefront is an essential strategy for business growth. According to recent studies, global e-commerce sales are expected to reach $6.5 trillion by 2023, nearly doubling from current rates. At iConceptStudio, we are experts in crafting customized ecommerce solutions that empower companies to successfully embrace online retail and capitalize on this booming sector.

Whether you need a simple online catalog to showcase your products, a fully-functional retail website to process transactions, or a sophisticated multi-channel marketplace, our team of dedicated ecommerce developers use flexible, scalable platforms and strategic design methods to launch beautifully polished virtual storefronts tailored to your unique brand and business goals. We make the complexities of online selling simple so you can focus on what matters most – your products and customers.

Feature-Rich Platforms for Frictionless Shopping

As the masters of popular shopping cart platforms like Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce, we integrate all the core functionality and applications needed to run a thriving 21st century online business. Some key features and capabilities included are:

  • Robust inventory management systems to easily track products, monitor stock levels in real-time, and automate replenishment orders. This ensures your listings always display accurate availability.
  • Sophisticated tax calculation engines that seamlessly determine taxation based on a customer’s shipping location for checkout. No more headaches with different tax rules across regions.
  • Highly customizable design themes to authentically represent your brand’s identity and values visually through refined layouts, colors, fonts and images.
  • Optimized product pages that highlight all essential details through vivid images, descriptive copy and related/recommended listings – streamlining browsing and converting browsers into buyers.
  • Integrated shipping carrier APIs like UPS, FedEx and USPS that allow customers to conveniently purchase shipping options during checkout for efficient order fulfillment.
  • Comprehensive order management dashboards providing a 360-degree view of sales performance with real-time order tracking from placement to delivery.
  • Support for loyalty programs, wish lists, product reviews and customer accounts to encourage engagement and repeat purchases over time.

Through strategic application programming interfaces (APIs), our sites also offer convenient features like one-click purchases, autosuggest product search, automated discount codes and coupons, personalized recommendations and more – further streamlining the path to purchase.

Data-Driven Optimization Towards Maximum Conversion

Beyond just building a fully-featured online store, we leverage advanced analytics and testing tools to uncover which specific design components, merchandising strategies, promotional programs or marketing campaigns most effectively boost monthly sales figures and average order values over the long run. Through ongoing A/B split testing of elements like homepage banners, navigation menus, pricing displays, review displays and more – our ecommerce consultants work to scientifically optimize the site towards maximum conversion rates.

Some techniques we commonly employ include:

  • Careful product categorization and filtering options to help customers find exactly what they need more seamlessly.
  • multivariate testing (MVT) of template elements, color schemes, button placements and page speed to determine the most user-friendly experience.
  • Automated win-loss analysis of abandoned carts to identify friction points and redesign workflows.
  • A/B split testing promotional pop-ups, urgency cues and limited-time offers to discover the most effective on-site promotions.
  • Rigorous SEO evaluations and schema markup implementations to maximize organic visibility and increased traffic.

The goal through diligent evaluation is to evolve your site into a frictionless sales machine, implementing data-proven tweaks every few months that continually uplift revenue and purchase frequencies over the long haul. Conversion rate optimization is an ongoing process we manage to keep your website working harder for your bottom line.

Marketing & Promotions Automation

While best-in-class ecommerce platform capabilities and optimized design are crucial – no online store truly succeeds without a strong marketing presence that drives new clients and loyalty among existing customers. Our team provides fully integrated email automation, loyalty programs, automatic discount codes and coupons, and affiliate systems to ensure constant acquisition of qualified buyers while nurturing long-term relationships. Some highlights include:

  • Transactional and behavioral email campaigns like abandoned cart reminders, first order discounts, birthday/anniversary messages and win-back offers proven to boost re-purchase rates.
  • Sophisticated loyalty programs that reward loyalty points for every dollar spent convertable to cash-back, free shipping or limited-time discounts – keeping customers coming back.
  • Strategic digital advertising campaigns across search, social media and affiliate channels that introduce your brand to large audiences cost-effectively.
  • Coupon generators that dynamically spit out targeted promotion codes for newsletters, on-page popups and more based on purchase histories.
  • Affiliate management portals that onboard influencers to earn commission spreading word of mouth.

Through relentless testing, we maximize the effectiveness of each promotional channel over time to fuel exponential website growth. Strategic SEO best practices ensure your store consistently ranks for relevant keywords and phrases too, securing a steady flow of new visitors daily.

Multi-Channel Presence and Omnichannel Integration

In addition to core online operations, the ecommerce stores we develop provide versatile multi-channel capabilities. Customers can seamlessly browse and purchase products across desktop, smartphones, tablets and social platforms – wherever they prefer to shop. Integration with major sales channels like Amazon, Google Shopping and online marketplaces further expands your geographic and consumer reach.

Some omnichannel features offered include:

  • Responsive design frameworks that intelligently adapt your listings and functionality across any device screen.
  • Social commerce plugins like Facebook shop tabs, Instagram product tags and Pinterest Shopping ads to capture social buyers.
  • Channel syndication tools that consolidate inventory between your site and secondary sales venues.
  • Point-of-sale (POS) systems for seamless in-store checkout and inventory lookups.
  • Buy-online-pickup-in-store (BOPIS) and curbside fulfillment options for convenient local purchases.

The end goal is to provide unified commerce experiences that recognize customers regardless of where they engage with your brand – driving maximum lifetime value.

Logistical Support and Payment Processing

Aside from the selling systems themselves, we offer reliable hosting services that maintain optimal website performance under high traffic volumes. Our team also handles important backend tasks like user account administration, fraud protection, cross-border shipping configurations, payment gateway selection and integration of major processors.

This allows you to stay fully compliant with regional rules while focusing on sales rather than IT challenges. We even assist with vendor management and third-party logistics partnerships to simplify order fulfillment from warehouses around the world.

Return on Investment Guaranteed

When you choose iConceptStudio to build your online storefront, we don’t just develop the basic digital infrastructure – we leverage our significant experience and analytics capabilities to implement strategies proven through rigorous testing to generate substantial long-term revenue gains exponentially over initial estimates. Let’s analyze your specific KPI goals, products, target audience and development budget to build an ecommerce solution custom-tailored for accelerated and sustained ROI. Our results speak for themselves – contact us today to discuss how we can power your profitable expansion into e-tail