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Unlock New Customers Through Targeted Ads

In the fast-paced digital space, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising has become a highly effective driver of quality leads and sales. By leveraging search engines and major social platforms, PPC allows you to reach new potential customers precisely when they’re actively seeking solutions like yours.

At iConceptStudio, our PPC experts have helped countless brands unlock explosive growth by crafting intelligent campaigns that turn casual searchers into loyal, long-term buyers. Through strategic targeting, compelling ad copy, and sophisticated optimization techniques, we consistently surpass client goals for leads, calls and transactions.

As the #1 search provider worldwide, Google Ads represents an immense opportunity to get in front of actively-searching consumers. Our team designs campaigns that outperform industry benchmarks by optimizing for high click-through rates and low costs-per-click.

We begin by analyzing your ideal customer to finely target keywords, geo-locations, devices, and other filters that drive the most relevant traffic. Then, compelling ad text and landing pages seal the deal by clearly communicating value and guiding visitors to take action.

Intensive bid management keeps your listings at the top without overspending. Ongoing A/B testing further refines elements to maximize every dollar spent. The result is a self-sustaining flow of new prospects discovering you through the world’s largest digital doorway.

Going beyond basics like keyword research and campaign setup, we also implement more specialized Google Ads tactics:

Expanded Text Ads
These longer ad formats allow for more descriptive, persuasive copy that engages searchers better than short headlines alone. We craft optimized expanded text ads that strengthen your value proposition and lead to higher conversion rates.

Local Services Campaigns
If your business provides in-person services to customers within a certain location, we set up local campaigns that target consumers searching within a specific radius. This ensures the people most likely to purchase from you see your ads.

Call Extensions
For services where speaking to a representative is important, we add call extensions that prominently feature your phone number right in the ad text. This type of direct call-to-action can be highly effective for driving new business.

Video Extensions
Engaging video ads have been shown to significantly outperform static image or text formats. Our team produces professional explainer or promotional clips that capture attention when included as extensions.

Facebook + Instagram Amplification

For engaging customers across social channels, our experienced Facebook and Instagram strategists develop campaigns that utilize powerful targeting options. We discover combinations of interests, behaviors, connections and more to reach quality audiences already aligned with your brand.

Leveraging formats like carousels, collections and dynamic ads, we craft snappy promotional content optimized for mobile screens. Partnering platforms like Messenger allow us to nurture strong relationships through personalized messages. Integration with tracking pixels enables detailed reporting on store visits and online sales directly attributed to your posts.

Some additional Facebook advertising tactics we implement include:

Audience Expanding
Starting with a seed audience you provide, we expand the reach of your ads into related profiles using powerful algorithms. This multiplies your exposure efficiently.

Remarketing pixels allow us to cost-effectively re-engage past site visitors or cart abandoners with customized ads, increasing purchase likelihood.

Lead Generation Ads
When collecting leads or signups is a goal, we design dynamic ads that automatically populate forms for convenience on mobile devices and desktops.

Video Views Campaigns
Promoting videos as the main objective sees high response rates. We create clips that enthral audiences into extended engagement sessions.

Beyond Basics: Advanced PPC Tactics

To sustain competitive advantages, our team also implements more sophisticated strategies like:

Location Extensions – Place your ads right on Google Maps to capture high-intent locals searching nearby.

Call Only Campaigns – Reach customers wanting an immediate conversation through call-focused promotions.

Dynamic Search Ads – Automatically generate relevant ads based on page content to expand coverage.

Product Listing Ads – Display your specific offerings directly on Google Shopping to boost ecommerce conversions.

App Promotions – Drive installs of your iOS or Android application through targeted mobile campaigns.

Similar Audiences – Bid to appear before people with profiles comparable to your top customers through ad account linking.

Custom Affinities – Target audiences sharing your brand’s core values like family, wellness or community to attract ideal clients.

LifeCycle Marketing – Automate campaigns to greet customers along their customer journey through tailored messaging.

Measured Monthly Management

We don’t set up campaigns and walk away – our immersive management sustains momentum. Monthly optimization sessions thoroughly analyze metrics to refine underperforming elements, test new opportunities and scale up top-converting lines.

Detailed reporting delivered each period provides full transparency into spending, stats and return on ad spend. Combined with ongoing adjustments, this approach continually maximizes your results from the large budgets trusted to us.

Speak to a PPC Expert Today

When leveraged properly, pay-per-click can supercharge any business’s growth. Contact us to discuss how we can design a customized program perfect for reaching your marketing goals. Our strategies have helped countless companies captivate new customers cost-effectively – allow us to do the same for you